Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many users can I add to my workshop?

    There is no limit on the amount of users you can add. The system works for small independent operators or multibranchnational franchise setups. It scales easily and effortlessly, with a payment structure that is charged per branch, not per user.   

  • What is Work Studio?

    Work Studio is a cloud-based software solution designed to digitise the handling of bookings, inspections, job lists and quotations for workshops and service centres in the automotive industry. 


  • How do I know if Work Studio is the right solution for my workshop?

     If you are looking for: 


    – A modern, user friendly system that will empower your technicians to have clarity in their workflow 

    – An effective way to streamline the flow of data between your technicians and your front of house 

    – A simple booking management system 

    – An efficient digital quote/invoice builder 

    – Powerful management reports basedon live data 


  • Does Work Studio have inventory/parts management?

    Work Studio is a fresh product that has been built to “power up” the workshop flow. Although there are exciting features planned for the future, the focus of our team is to make the system excellent in this core function before we start rolling out other modules. Inventory/parts management is currently not part of the system.  

Getting started

  • How do I activate my free trial?

    If you navigate to you can follow the setup wizard and activate your trial. If you have already done that you can login at and get going!    

  • I have signed up. Now what?

     As with any system, there is a bit of setup required before you can start your testing. 

    You need to: 

    - Add your users or assign yourself the user types required to test the system  

    - Create Job Categories accordin to your needs.  

    The system comes with “Major Service” pre-loaded, but there are no checklists attached. It is recommended that
    you go through the “How to” guides to familiarise yourself with the process of addin your own checklists and custom job types as this will help you get the most from the system.  

  • What are the different user types in the system?

     There are several different user types currently
    available in the system: 


    1. Organisation Administrator 

    This user has the ability to: 

    - configure the organisation settings. 

    - assign new users. 

    - create checklists and job categories. 

    - Set up new workshops (if

    - Manage the licenses for the

    - Access organisation-level


    2. Franchise/Workshop Administrator 

    This user has the ability to: 

    - View all bookings, current and
    historical, for the specific workshop. 

    - View all workshop reports. 

    - Export financial reports for
    the workshop 

    - View technician labour reports 

    - View/manage workshop specific


    3. Service Advisor 

    This user has the ability to: 

    - Create and manage bookings for
    the workshop. 

    - Conduct Pre-delivery Inspections. 

    - Build job cards and quote on
    those job cards. 

    - Manage the approval statuses of
    job items.  

    - Generate and send quotes and

    - Assign technicians to jobs. 

    - Capture payment information 


    4. Technician 

    This user has the ability to: 

    - Conduct checklist-based
    inspections on a vehicle 

    - Add job items on a job 

    - Take and add photographs on job

    - Mark job items on a job as “complete”  

  • Can one person have multiple roles?

    Yes. An Organisation Administrator can assign multiple roles to a single person. That user can then move between roles using the “Account Role Activator”, accessible from the profile logo at the top right of the screen

Creating a booking

  • How do you create a booking?

     There are two ways a booking can be created: 


    1. Through the booking landing page 

      A booking can be created by a customer by navigating to    


    2. From the Service Advisor Dashboard 


    A booking can be created by clicking “Create Booking” via the service advisor dashboard.   



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